All Out Events Production BookThe All Out Events Guide to Great Sporting Events Book

Everything you need to produce your own event!

From 5k to 500k, the complete guide to starting and running a successful and profitable outdoor, human powered event.

Now Available at Amazon.com in Kindle and Paperback Book format!

Capitalizing on ten years’ experience producing diverse events and series, All Out Events brings you information on marketing, organizing, hiring, course, design, volunteer management and more.

Whether it’s your first event or 100th, you’ll find tips inside this event book  for race and event directors for the entire process. We guide you from start to finish with information on:

  • Founding your own event business
  • Working for other people as an event producer or race director
  • Choosing and working with a non-profit
  • Working with land managers and authorities
  • Choosing your course
  • Branding, marketing, and developing your website
  • Seeking sponsorship
  • Budgeting
  • Hiring and managing staff
  • Race/event day preparations

Here are some free guides for making your event the best it can be! These are shared on Google Drive – you will need to request access for them and we will manually release them. This way we know who’s using them and can check in to see if we can improve it, along with help you out!

  • Looking for a great budgeting spreadsheet? Click here and copy it for your needs! It contains three pages – one is a general snapshot for event comparisons, one creates an accurate total expense budget, and one allows you to plan expenditures and incomes from month to month.
  • Looking for a great template for creating a comprehensive marketing plan for your event? Click here and copy it for your needs!