Are you ready to produce an epic event?

This is what we've been using for 15 years! You'll be able to:

- predict sales trends

- guess at final numbers based on your actual data

- gain a very clear outline of costs involved to put on your race

-If you think our spreadhseet is great, wait until you see our book!

“This is a manual: to the point, well indexed and easy to use. More fun than a manual, though, the book reads like a wise friend talking to you and sharing her hard learned lessons in event development so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes.”  

Laura Slaughter, YMCA

“This is a perfectly focused guide to outdoor event planning that brings a practical approach to a complex problem. The author manages to bring the concepts of the Lean Startup to Sports Event Planning, to help ensure that the event has the best chance of success by giving simple advice at each step of the process.”  

Mark Manning, AR Navigation Supplies