Discover the Central Coast and Visit San Luis Obispo!

All Out Events exists because our staff loves this area and wants to share every drop of its goodness with you. Whether you’re done with a race and have a weekend to kill, or you have enjoyed your stay and want to come back, here is a basic guide to all the awesome things around to check out!

And did you know you can go Car Free?

Things to do in SLO Town:

  • Shopping galore! Our favorites are Quirkworld, Amnesia, and Phoenix books.
  • Go to a show at the Fremont, our art deco movie house, or the Palm, our indie film spot that’s solar powered!
  • Grab coffee at one of our many awesome local spots: Uptown, Linnea’s, Kruezberg, and West End.
  • Sample some of our fine dining: our favorites are Big Sky Cafe, Mama’s Meatball, Novo, Blue, Chilie Peppers, Bliss Cafe, Firestone, or any of the awesome Thai (one’s even vegan) and Indian food spots in town.
  • Thursday night farmer’s market: live shows, great food, and the big social scene.
  • Check out Bubble Gum alleythe Madonna Inn (and it’s famous men’s bathroom downstairs), see what’s happening at the Mission, or catch a movie at our drive-in theater!

Beyond Downtown

  • Check out local hikes! We highly recommend Bishop Peak (the classic), Reservoir Canyon, Upper Lopez Canyon, Poly Canyon and it’s funny architecture structures, and Montana de Oro.
  • Sun yourself on our beaches! Morro Bay is killer for a long walk or a surf break, Pismo is the classic tourist destination, and Cayucos and Avila both have great places for doggies to romp.
  • Try out some climbing – we’ve got SLO Op during the weekdays (run by your favorite race directors, too) and Bishop Peak’s got some fun single-pitch trad and sport climbing along with some bouldering.
  • Mountain bike! We have some classic routes here, serious technical riding, fun rolling hills, and everything in between. Want to take lessons to get better? Consider the All Mountain School!
  • Road bike! There’s a reason we have pros come here to train – great hills, great flats. Choose to ride through the oaks or along the ocean, or both! We’re sparsely populated so none of those pesky stop signs . . .
  • Kayak – we have great outfitters.
  • Wine tasting. Duh, you haven’t heard we’re a bastion for grape growing? Pick a direction and taste the hints of oak and leather.
  • Cal Poly – interesting architecture, cool animal raising facilities, botanical gardens, neat exhibitions, and sporting events.
  • Walking tour – Check out our architecture, gardens, and crazy niches. This blog can get you started.

Some of the more colorful SLO Area attractions

  • South County: the Butterfly Grove (it’s seasonal), Pismo Dunes, Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab, Klondike’s Pizza (if you aren’t allergic to peanuts, that is), Pismo’s famous clam chowder.
  • North Coast: Morro Rock (and Tognazzini’s fresh seafood restaurant and deck), Montana de Oro State Park, Cayucos (check out the Sea Shanty for awesome pies and Cass House for some of the best eats you’ll have the chance to sample), Cambria (Pines by the Sea), the Nit Wit houseHearst Castle and theelephant seal beach.
  • East County: check out condorsPozo Saloon (whether you catch a concert there or have a “martini” which is beer in a jar with some olives), or the desolate Carrizo Plains.

Looking for an adventure vacation? Check out Central Coast Outdoors!