Take back control when marketing your events!

The hard part about being a small business person is that it’s a small business. You’re worried about the ACTUAL product, and then you’re worried about everything else.

What’s really hard when you’re both the money person AND the marketing person, because when money’s tight, you feel like it’s your fault and you need to try harder.

Because of this, I spend a LOT of time looking for affordable ways to do marketing right and by far my most favorite tool is CoSchedule.com.

For starters, CoSchedule has one of the best blogs on productivity and marketing around. That is how they hooked me. I use and RSS feed and check articles weekly and I always landed on them. They knew what they were doing, it was worth spending the time and energy to learn something new.

The cloud-based software is built around a calendar, that you can use for multiple accounts and events. You’ll connect everything you’ve got: your email, WordPress sites, product management software, and of course your Facebook pages, groups, Instagram account, Twitter, you name it.

co schedule event social media

Start filling out that calendar with posts, emails, and blogs!

CoSchedule will take you through a complete campaign: you can write a blog post, determine when to post it, when to share it via newsletter and social media and watch the clicks come in.

Pre load photos and forgettabout it!

They have an add-on product that will repost classic and evergreen posts when your feed is a little slow.

Basically, CoSchedule is what every proactive marketer needs. Keep being spontaneous, but relax knowing the big stuff like price bumps and promotional emails are covered.

Depending on your plan, you can also collaborate with others, keep a running log of tasks and ideas to write up, and there’s just so much I’ve barely touched.

See how it leads you through the calendar?

But, bottom line, stop wasting ti

me piecing everything together and start CoSchedule today.





You can even plan events!