If it doesn’t have WEEEEE, it ain’t for thee.

In 2020, like a lot of other companies, our sister rock gym companies included, we struggled to both remain relevant and also provide what we always do – something to look forward, a community, and a destination.

So we put on a virtual triathlon. Not the kind where you can do nothing and get a medal – just one where you did it by yourself. Morro Bay Habor patrol was happy to set out a buoy for those who opted in. The theme was 2021 – Alone. Together.

We learned a lot about how to make something like that work, which is great – but we also learned that was a whole lot of NO THANKS IF I DON’T HAVE TO (at least at our end).

We were truly gratified in 2021 to see the resurgence of our events: adventure racing with Orangewood, a 24-hour race in Mammoth, and a return of the Morro Bay Triathlon. All of them had record, sell out attendance. We were worried you’d all found something else to do – but what we have learned is that events are a fundamental peak human experience.

So, that’s it – that’s the lesson. If you tap into the fundamental need for people to look forward to something and connect to those on the same path, you will be a success.