Ready to inquire about our services? You’ll need to do your homework.

We seek to completely fill the needs of the adventure event community, but our efficacy can vary based on our partner’s expectations.

Whether you’re looking to hire us as consultants or whether you’re looking to us to help you with a complete execution of event, we need to know where you stand.

We’re happy to field initial inquiries, give you our impression of whether or not we think the event can work or we can help you.

If you are sure you have a need and you’re looking for a bid on work:

Please understand that each event is essentially a start-up business whose success hinges not only on excellent day-of execution but strong marketing and contracts leading up to the event.  We handle partnerships like business partnerships and we will not work on projects we don’t feel are viable for the funder (that’s usually you, reading this). Because of this, we’ve prepared an extensive Discovery Document that should help us both get a feel for where you’re at in your project, what your needs are, and whether we can fill them and for how much. A couple things to know about working with us:

  • Event production company:Remember that our quote will need to include our operational costs as well as our profit – we are not a good company to hire if you’re looking to do a small charity 5k. You can totally do it yourself! Check out our basic instructions or buy our book for more detail!
  • Depending on the scope of the event, a good rule of thumb is that hiring a race producer will likely be 25-50% of your total expenses – but know that when we bid a project, we do not just throw out a number but evaluate the true cost and try to give you something to work with.
  • We strive to put on quality, world-class events and are not interested in events that focus on cost cutting in favor of profit.
  • If you’re contacting us about mud runs/obstacle course races and have no experience in that particular arena but just want to capitalize on a trend, know that very few of them are profitable. It is an uphill battle to make them work and they are very expensive to put on unless you have special resources (like private land that you own, heavy equipment, etc).

If you’re ready to move forward, here’s our Discovery Document

Our services:

All Out Events started out primarily offering self-produced events on the Central Coast of California. As multisport athletes, we tried our hand at everything from building out mountain bike courses to run competitions on to climbing festivals to obstacle course races. Over time, we’ve come to focus on event management for outside producers, in whatever capacity they wish. We have national and international experience.

Self Produced Events
Funded, scouted, permitted, promoted, managed, and staffed as a complete entity, All Out Events takes full ownership of all aspects of these events. Net income remains the property of All Out Events. We are going on hiatus for self-production for the forseeable future. For info about current and past events, click here.

Third Party Produced Events
Depending on need, All Out Events can be hired out in whatever capacity the hiring entity desires. This might be the complete management of events (with the third party supplying the production money) or it might be ownership of only a few of the tasks/responsibilities involved. Net income remains the property of the third party with a contractual amount and/or percentage of returns agreed upon to go to All Out Events. Offered on a very limited basis.

Event Consultation
Want to put on your own event but don’t know where to start? Hire us to do the leg work or teach you how: from budgeting to branding and racer engagement to course execution – it’s what we love. Our specialty is finding efficient ways to reduce build time and staff needs. You’ll also want to check out our resources care of the All Out Guide to Great Sporting Events.

Rigging services: zipline and moreRecreation Park Consultation
We have experience with tourism/adventure startups ranging from zipline parks to rock climbing gyms. Looking to build a permanent obstacle course? Let our experience go to work for you.

Expert Witnesses
We have experience serving as expert witnesses in event and outdoor related trials.

Rent obstacles, flags, bike racks from All Out EventsEquipment Rental
All Out Events maintains an inventory of equipment such as sound system, radios and repeater, custom steel bike racks, finish arch, and other essentials that are available on a per-diem basis.

Stunt Rigging
We have worked with film and television crews to secure talent for scenes. Location details are a must. See video for an example of what we do for Gold Rush Mother Lode race.

Site Scouting
Film crew or event company looking for a site? Take advantage of our adventurous nature and let us help you find what you’re looking for on the Central Coast and beyond.

Our finish arch: patent pendingObstacle and Course Design/Construction

Our experience in the business can’t be matched – between adventure racing, climbing, and other real-world experiences, we construct obstacles within your budget to make them gasp. We use Google Sketchup for all out designs. Want your mud run to be epic, safe, and stay within budget?

Contact for details, or see our page dedicated to that.