Recycling and sustainability is our number one goalWe pride ourselves on having built our company around promoting eco-friendly and sustainable events, and we do everything we can to ensure that each event will continue to be some of the most environmentally responsible human powered competitions in the West. Our track record includes years of outdoor event promotion, and in all cases we left absolutely nothing behind but good memories.

To sum up our environmental plans:

  • We only hold events in areas deemed suitable by the land mangers whether it be US Forest Service, County Parks, City Parks, or Private Land
  • We coordinate area clean ups with local and national environmental advocacy groups such as Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers, The Access Fund, Allied Climbers Of San Diego and Friends of Joshua Tree to ensure our venues are cleaner when we leave then when we arrived
  • We have a volunteer sign-up link for each event on our website and will be encouraging people throughout the event to stay behind and participate in it
  • We clearly mark established trails to prevent erosion and flag off limit areas
  • We are doing everything we can to remind people to be extra mindful of leaving trash — There will also be trash and recycling containers throughout the venue
  • There will be bathrooms and/or porta-potties on site for all the participants
  • Our events are powered by the sun and biodiesel
  • When possible we instate a no disposable cup policy encouraging participants to use our souvenir pint glasses or reusable water bottles.
  • We encourage carpooling