10675592_10152818827860943_6312772186561436951_nA ways back in 2014, we were contacted by the principal of Gladiator Obstacle Race out of Russia to help him execute a race in Russia, slated for February 2015.

A race outside of Moscow in the dead of winter? Man, Russians are hardy folks. We had our doubts, but he had a great team and they were super efficient with communication and payment, so we went forward with the project.

Tasked with looking at Google maps and designing a course (and obstacles) within a certain budget, our race director, Yishai, got to work. Using Google Sketchup to create a full build guide with materials lists that translated to the dimensions and supplies available in Russia, we got the project done in a month, and checked in periodically with them to see how it was going.

It was quiet.

Too quiet.

Maybe it wasn’t going well. But they hadn’t contacted us about any issues they had with our materials or the build out . . . perhaps it just wasn’t going to happen.

And then we got a great report from the team!

Here’s a short version of the course video (if it looks familiar to our Mud Mash, that’s because a lot of those obstacles were incorporated – with a few modifications for -20 degrees F conditions):

Can’t get enough? How about a long version of it?

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They had an amazing planning and build team, and there’s more on the way:

Overall people were happy and seems like they liked it!

We already plan to the second race in April 25th in Moscow and then in May 25th in Saint Petersburg.

If you need an excuse to visit Russia, maybe this is it!