“Why don’t you do the six-hour race anymore? That was awesome!”

A few years ago, we suspended the Checkpoint Challenge (aka the “sprint race”) because we were doing the 12 hour race the first day and that race the second. It was SO MUCH WORK for very little return. The six hour was the same.

But then we got better at putting on events, on budgeting, and on not undercharging for awesome stuff. (Though our business mentors say we still do – what do you think?)

When mud runs and obstacle course runs (OCRs) got popular, adventure races seemed to die out and so we went that way, developing a really epic Mud Mash. But lawdy, does it take a long time to build and operate. Our first love is AR . . . and now that millions of people are flocking to OCR races, we thought . . . we bet there are enough people out there going, “Is that all there is?” and took a bet that there was – and we brought back the Checkpoint Challenge last year.

It lost money. We gave away entries, did was we could to get people psyched, and all our regulars came back, bringing friends, but it was still a loser.

We knew it might be. That’s okay.

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Last Modified: April 9, 2015